SEO and Website Design Process

7 Woods Designs | Website design process| Project Definition


Our website design process begins by meeting with your team and mapping out the project.  Because we’ll follow our process, we increase our chances of success.

  • Business & Website Goals:
    • Define business goals, communication & marketing plan, website target audience, goals to achieve with website.
    • Assure these all sync together.  If not, rework them.
    • Your products, services, brand, culture, reputation, business practices, current analytics data & trends?
    • Finally, your Industry, competitors, geography, locations, etc.
  • Website Features & Specifications:
    • Define so they match goals.  Responsive site (always)? Blog? Podcast? Social Media? Forms? eCommerce? Pages?
  • Scope Definition:


We’ll brainstorm ideas and concepts for the website.  From these sessions, we want the following:

  • User Profiling: We work out the target audience’s online profile.  Their needs, styles, personality types, behaviors, patterns.
  • Architecture: Map the content, structure, how users will access it.  We’ll include page hierarchy & navigation. If you have existing content we may use it, otherwise, we’ll need to develop needed new content.
  • Page Layout: Design the best layout for each page to drive the user experience.
  • Mockup / Wireframe: Create a wireframe or example for the layout.
  • Infrastructure: Choose a domain name, hosting CMS, other tools.
  • SEO & Keyword Analysis: Define SEO & keyword strategy based on goals, user profiles, market, features, etc.
  • Iterate: Design, test, iterate based on your feedback.


Designing the look and feel of the website.

  • Color Scheme: The right color scheme will set the user’s experience, and match your brand.
  • Media: Color scheme includes proper selection of images, video, audio content for the site and how presented to tie into your brand’s visual identity.
  • Visual Elements: Buttons, menus, boxes, sliders, typography, etc that convey the brand message.
  • Gather Key Data Elements: Name, address, phone, social media log-ins, Google Page, email addresses, etc.
  • Iterate: Test & review, share, and iterate.


Developing: Where we build the real website, on a staging server.

  • Framework / CMS: We either choose from our inventory of great previously-built templates. Or just make them to meet your needs.
  • Security: We always factor in the security, for the website, as well as your customers.
  • Features: And don’t forget to add in the fun stuff, make sure it all works together, bug free.
  • Implement SEO & Keywords: We’ll make sure site naturally flows and contains keywords in the correct technical areas to rank. This includes other page elements to earn search engine respect.
  • Performance: Analyze the performance and optimize it.
  • Iterate: test, share, explain.  Iterate.


Lets take the website live.  After all, we’ve worked hard on it!

  • Beta Testing: We’ll check the functionality, performance and security, fix broken links, spelling errors, etc.  When we think its ready, we show the client and get sign off.
  • Transfer Deliverables: Transfer site to the client’s domain name and hosting, if not hosting with us.  Take it live!
  • Transfer Deliverables: Provide documentation and training on how to manage basic website upkeep.  That is, if not using us for maintenance.


Our website design process doesn’t end with site launch.  A website requires hosting and regular maintenance.

  • Support and Troubleshoot: Sign up for one of our website maintenance plans. We’ll take care of any kind of issues a user encounters, or issues with hosting, etc.  This includes daily site backups, fix broken links, etc.  We’ll also update your website to incorporate WordPress and plugin code updates.