What are Your Website Services and Pricing?

Many times, this is the first question in a website discussion, but before we talk about services and pricing we need to discuss many other things. Just a few of the things we’ll review and address in the process of creating a proposal are:

  • What are your business goals?
  • What specific goals do you have for your website?
  • Do you have market segments identified? Are you targeting one, all, or some markets?
  • Are there specific functionalities your website needs to have?
  • Are custom media or graphics needed for your website? Who will be providing them?

So, you can see, “What is your pricing for a website?” is answerable after identifying the details agreeing to the scope of the design project. Remember, a professionally designed website is an investment in generating revenue and customer satisfaction, not a cost. This may sound corny, but for many businesses, a website can become their leading source of new customers.  We get some customers who went cheap, then decided to make the investment in their business.

If forced to estimate, websites we design usually fall anywhere between $4,500 – $25,000+ depending on features and scope of the website, functionality, site size, etc. For all websites, we supply resources, training and custom consulting to be sure clients know how to access and modify the site and get a great return on investment.

For those of you still in the market for a “cheap” site, I would recommend a site like https://www.fiverr.com or do-it-yourself builder like Wix or SquareSpace and seeing if you can make a go of it there.

How Much is Hosting?

All of our hosting and maintenance packages include hosting. They’re perfect if you need someone to manage all the the technical basics & small tasks each month. Sit back and relax, knowing we’re focused on improving your websites rankings, local and national search results at a rapid rate. This is a list of the services and pricing we typically provide as part of hosting and maintenance service packages. Services are billed monthly, with no long term contract. Pricing ranges from $250 to $3,000 per month, depending on level of services needed.

+ Core WordPress Updates

+ Theme & Plugin Updates

+ Daily Backups

+ Security Checks

+ Up-time Monitoring

+ Google Analytics Integration

+ SEO Keyword & Ranking Report

+ Updates to Pages & content

+ File Uploads

+ New Pages/Blog Posts/Video Posts

+ New/Changed Images & videos

+ Additional Pages SEO Optimized

+ eCommerce updates

Discounts are given when an annual contract is signed.

Hey, Can You Do This?

In the last year, we’ve been asked over and over, “Hey, Can you do this?”  So, to help potential customers, lets run down the list of things we can do.  When we look at potential work, we believe we have the capabilities needed to help our clients with anything they can dream up. My secret weapon is surprising clients with more than they asked for! Of course, the cost of these elements vary, depending on how deep we go, and what affect is wanted.

This list is not all inclusive, but a representative sample:

Design: We are able to design and develop a theme that meets the atmosphere and reputation your business is looking for. We don’t want another cookie cutter website.  We want one that represents your unique business, and take the time to know you and your business so that uniqueness shines through.

Keyword Research: We dig deep into keyword research to provide the most reward and hits to your site.  We look at  keyword monthly volumes and competitiveness of your desired key words. It pays to follow this over time and revise periodically based on changes in your field. This makes sure your clients find you for the terms you want and need.

External Links: We build a high volume of inbound links using our association with link building groups.  We like anchor tags and respected articles.  This is not spammy link building, but legitimate inbound links from high respect articles.

IDX, MLS, or RSS Sources: If you have an industry specific website, you may have a data feed that needs to be automatically “hooked up”.  We have experience with this, and can support your need. This includes Real Estate professionals.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We go over every page, and include: Footers for XML site mapping, robot text files, analytics set-up and reporting, keywords for page copy write and density, image names and meta text, description and title tags, and Meta tags and H1 and H2 tags.

Unique Landing Pages: Well done landing pages draw visitors like bee’s to honey. This is a great search engine optimization technique to pull prospective clients to your site and works for both service and product sites.

Website Repair and Maintenance: Whether you use WordPress or any other CMS, they all need maintenance. Its like having a car. Its just good practice to keep on top of oil changes and scheduled maintenance. With the hosting we provide, we also supply monthly updates to WordPress and Plugins contained on your website. This helps assure any security updates and incorporated into your website.

Social Media: We craft social media strategies and provide content, monitor the plan, and make continued suggestions to grow your customer base and social media presence.

Google Ad Words: We help craft a Google Ad Strategy that works for your online business and integrates with your overall social media and online marketing plan.

Face Book Ads: This is a great tool for any entrepreneur looking to strengthen their marketing strategy.  Facebook continues to change and grow, and can have a relatively low price for getting in front of your ideal clients.

Email Marketing: Email campaigns have a ton of new technology that you may not know about. We can track who is opening your marketing emails, we can “drip” emails to certain segments of your customers. All of this keeps you in front of your clients and can be a great tool in your marketing arsenal.

Hosting with Security and Speed: You want hosting that is secure, backed up, always “up”, fast, and as free from risks as possible. Choosing the wrong hosting provider can expose your business and customers to malware, bots, and scammers. If you operate a business that transacts money or personal information exchanges with your customers, using the lowest cost hosting provider is just, not, worth, the risk.

Plugins: Plugins provide much of the customization available on websites. This is something we provide as a course of business, and look to provide the unique functionality your custom website deserves.  This helps your site stand out from the crowd and gives you the user experience and visual appeal you are looking for.

Auto-bots, Lead Gathering: We use an auto-bot tool to obtain leads for you. This can be used for any website need where you need more data from a possible new customer. It never sleeps and sends new leads right to a phone or other customer management system you may use.

A and B Testing: This means we can test different images, pricing, copy write wording and messaging to see which performs best for a page. We then make sure the best performing message is used.

Copy Writing: We use trained, results proven and experienced copy writers to provide content for your site, page, or blog.